By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

If you ask most people what one of their favorite childhood memories is, they’ll answer Christmas morning and seeing presents under the tree. Then as parents, the memories of hiding presents, staying up into the wee hours trying to figure out how to put together supposedly simple bicycles, dollhouses, or wagons, and then the look on their children’s faces when they first see them, are forever etched in their hearts. Too many people fill themselves with unneeded angst searching stores for the perfect present to give their loved ones at Christmas, when the perfect present was already given … Christmas itself! You cannot out give God in anything but He did out do Himself the day Jesus was born in that manger. From glory to humility to dishonor to glory, Jesus came and lived and died and rose that we may live with Him forever! What greater gift is there than to be invited into God’s home for eternity? Don’t give yourself angst this year, give Jesus to your loved ones instead. People so readily accept earthly gifts from people, pray they may accept the ultimate heavenly gift from God. Like the rest of 2020, the Christmas celebration won’t be normal (whatever that is) but may you all have a Merry Christmas and let’s all stay motivated for 2021!