Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

1 Samuel 16:7 has always been one of my favorite scriptures and having lost every beauty pageant I’ve ever entered, a very consoling one as well. But even better, it shows how God doesn’t first look at irresponsible actions and thoughts, quick misjudgments or misspoken words, He first looks at the heart and its true intent. We all make blunders and say foolish, impulsive things. Look at King David. His list of sins were many, but he was God’s chosen because God knew his heart. So, how’s your heart? Do you love the Lord with all your heart? Is your heart committed to Him first? Do you seek to have a pure heart? (not easily obtained but something to strive for) Do you have a servants heart? What does God see when He looks at your heart? We serve a mighty yet forgiving God. He doesn’t light up our mistakes in a neon sign for all to see, He forgives and forgets. We will continue to blunder until He finally brings us home, but until then let’s all strive to show our love, our commitment, to be pure in thought and deed, and to have a servant’s heart. (even leaders are servants and those at the end of the line will get the same reward as those in the front) Even though God doesn’t look at it, let’s let that little heart of ours shine so bright that it can’t help but be seen in our outer appearance!