If you ever have any questions on how God expects a Christian to behave, read Matthew 5-7. Jesus pretty much laid it all out in His sermon on the mount, and there is a prevailing theme. When you give, do you do it privately or make sure everyone knows what a philanthropist you are? When you pray, do you spend time alone in heartfelt soul bearing or do youl love to give mini prayer sermons in public? When you fast, do you go about your daily routine normally or do you flounder about like you’re lost in the desert? Basically, whatever you do, do you do it to God or to be seen by men? Do you want the praise of man or of God? Do you want the rewards of the Lord or of man? It is so sad but many people, including some religious leaders, seem to be choosing man. Man’s acceptance is fleeting, fickle, and momentery but God’s acceptance is eternal! As Christians, all we do should be for the honor of God, whether small or large, private or public, He is our motivation. He knows our hearts, He knows our true intentions, and He will bless us for them. So, be aware of the needs of others, pray without ceasing for yourself and others, if physically possible, spend a designated time fasting, seeking a deeper relationship with Him, and as Jesus taught us in His prayer, in all things pray, “Thy will be done (not mine) on earth as it is in Heaven.”