As the church of Rome was sharing Paul”s letter, I’m sure they were all smiles as they read about having peace with God through Jesus and rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God, but then they got to the part that said, “we also glory in tribulations!” Whoa! Why in the world should we be happy about tribulations? There’s a foreign thought to the generation that needs crying rooms in colleges and every team member getting a trophy just for showing up! Trying times do produce tough people, as many are about to find out. Tribulation does produce patience and tribulation and patience produces character, something the world is in dire need of these days. These are not the best of times, they are not yet the worst of times, but they are times when we can let the Lord shine through us. We can share His loving kindness, His hope, and the patience and character He is developing in us with others. First with those we are in isolation with and then with anyone we may bump into (not literally) while we are out hunting and gathering. Look at this time of tribulation as a growing lesson. Ask the Lord to strengthen you. Thank the Lord for the patience and character He is building in you and then, suck it up and open another can of Spaghetti O’s!