VBS is here! In our first day we had a group of approximately 70 kids, parents and volunteers all AMPED and willing to learn about How God is always with you!
The night started with an energetic moment of songs and worship to the Lord, every song rhythm was very contagious and with a clear message: No matter what…. God is always with you!
We watched a video about Joseph; It was refreshing for our kids to see How God was always there for Joseph in his good times but even more in his bad times.
The small group time started with some snacks and games oriented to reinforce the mean message of today’s lesson. It was a great time to make friends and to know your teacher for a week that in some cases as our Pre-K teacher, she would like to be called Grandma 😊
The night ended with more worship time and a group of kids smiling, keeping in their hearts the wonderful fact that God is always with you!

“I have come so they may have life. I want to have it in the fullest possible way”

John 10:10 NIRV.