What really matters? Most people are quick to tell you what they think matters and that you’re wrong, stupid, or a hater if you don’t agree. But what really matters? Is it climate change, political and racial unrest, the economy? Is it technology, sending a probe to Mars to see if there may have been water there millions of years ago? Is it winning a faux Stanley Cup or NBA title? Is it amassing billions of dollars to spend on yourself or raising millions of dollars to give to charities? What really matters? A wise old (er) pastor said yesterday, “Great achievements don’t compare to great relationships,” and the greatest relationship you can have is with Jesus Christ! You can develop a cure for COVID, cancer, and the common cold, but if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, you’ll have done it all for naught. When you stand before God’s throne, He isn’t going to ask to see your resume, He’s going to ask you about your relationship with His Son. In this fast paced, instant everything world, full of legitimate needs and causes, don’t get so distracted by the urgent and that you miss the essential! There is no accomplishment that won’t be buried by the sands of time, but there is one relationship that will last for eternity. Make sure to seek out and accept that relationship and take time daily to nurture and appreciate that essential relationship which is Jesus!