“Pride goeth before a fall.” Wise words, pride can be deadly! Being proud of something or someone is one thing, but being too proud to admit mistakes or ask for help is a whole different animal. Jairus was a ruler of a synagogue, a man of faith, but under the leadership of the Sanhedrin. He loved his daughter dearly. When she became sick to the point of death, he humbly turned to Jesus for help, disregarding those in authority over him. He loved his daughter more than the opinion of his peers. What stops you from turning to Jesus, pride or man’s ridicule? There is no situation in life that we can’t or shouldn’t turn to the Lord. He wants you to, He tells you to, so why don’t you? With age comes wisdom and I have learned the hard way what happens when you run ahead of prayer. I don’t even go looking for photographs without praying for His eyes to see. When we see the mess of man, the chaos of the world, why do we think we can do anything without His help? Jairus’ humble faith was rewarded with the return of his daughter. Those that scorned Jesus were put out of the house and missed out on seeing the blessing. Don’t let pride, unpopular opinion, or peer pressure hinder you, but in faith, turn to God in all things. Don’t worry about trying to please men who can do little for you, but please God who will bless and reward you richly!