Who does God use to proclaim Jesus? Well, let’s take a look at what the Bible says.
When Mary went to visit her relative Elizabeth, at the sound of Mary’s voice, Elizabeth’s baby lept for joy in her womb because the Lord was present! Angels came from heaven to declare Jesus’ arrival! Shepherds left their flocks to spread the good news. Magi from the East traveled hundreds of miles to worship and acknowledge Him! Simeon, a just and devout older man, proclaimed Him in the temple. Anna, an 84 year old widow, dedicated to prayer and fasting, did the same.
Let’s see now, that’s the young to the very, very young, heavenly host, uneducated, poor working class men, educated, wise, wealthy foreigners, and elderly men and women. That pretty much covers everybody and that’s only looking at two chapters! So I guess that means He can use you! This Christmas season don’t hesitate when an opportunity arises to spread the truth of whom Jesus is and why He came. God wants to use you at any time, at any age, to be His messenger, you only need to be ready and let Him!
Who? Me!