Widows Ministry


In 2008, Philips Ministry was the strong mission desire of Pastor Curt Ayers, Dreama Ayers and Bruce Hartman. Based from Acts 6: 1-6

 Bruce a member on the Missions Committee was assigned the task of looking out for the widows; he kept inviting Jackie Nettles to come to the widows luncheons. Jackie thought it sounded like a downer, pity party but she finally went and to her surprise really enjoyed the luncheon and fellowship with everyone there. Bruce would say to her, he felt like a fox in the hen house and after many prayers Jackie Nettles become facilitator for Philips Ministries in April 2012.
In 2012 when Jackie stepped up to facilitate the program there were 12 widows participating. In 2016 Jackie felt the calling to include divorcees and those who have never been married because they too are alone and in need of Christian fellowship. The group was opened to all Christian denomination and in 2016 the roster grew to 71 members. Currently in 2018 there are 82 members. We have 39 full time residents and 41 part-time residents. In early 2018 Jackie become very ill and could not continue as facilitator for Philips Ministries. She had approached Charlotte Paul, earlier in the year about becoming the facilitator for Philips Ministries. Charlotte has been Philip’s Ministries facilitator since March 2018.

To date our group is made up of widows, divorcees and single ladies all who have one thing in common, our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our belief in His death, burial and resurrection.

The group meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month with different members taking turns as the hostesses. The hostesses make all arrangements which entails selection of restaurant, notifying members, placing information in Capri Christian Church bulletin, providing a biblical quiz and small gift for winner. They recognize that month’s birthday individuals with a cake and everyone sings Happy Birthday to them.  

The purpose of our ministry is: Christian Fellowship and Support, Prayer Partners, provide transportation for grocery, doctor, shopping, lunch, etc. and just to know we are not alone.


Jackie always believed and said: ”We needed to realize that as long as we have a pulse, we have a purpose.”