Conflict, it’s everywhere. There is conflict between countries, governments, races, politicians, neighbors, religions. Can this world survive without conflict? It was meant to and yes it can! The world needs an example of life without conflict and that example should be God’s church. As God granted us His unmerited favor through Jesus, so should we to our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our love for one another and absence of conflict should be a magnet to the world, attracting them not repelling them. From the beginning, the enemy has used a divide and conquer strategy and it breaks my heart whenever I hear of a church splitting up because it is usually over something trivial or bruised egos. Our conflicts need to be resolved and forgotten right away and that goes for any conflict you may have with your church family, any of your relatives, friends, or co-workers. As Christians we should not be in conflict with anyone and as a church we should be banded together. Solomon said, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” As a church, let us form that cord, with Jesus as the center, and if you think a cord of three strands is strong, think how strong a cord of hundreds wrapped around the Lord will be … unbreakable!