Social media is still a hard concept for the “older” generation to grasp, although it can be a great witnessing tool. But … you know how those “people you may know” pop up on your page and you scroll through them and say, whoa, she looks like a psycho, he could be a serial killer, she’s pretty cute I’d like her for a friend, I knew that guy in high school, he was a jerk, and that’s how you determine your online friends. Is that how we determine our real life friends? Do we only friend and are nice to people based on our surface, unsubstantiated judgement? Who did God send Jesus to save; every man, woman, and child of every race and nation! His love and forgiveness is for everyone and once you have received it, you are to show and share it with all peoples, your neighbors! Yeah, so, who are our neighbors really? Jesus showed us. He went to the lost and lonely, the hurt and humble, He touched lepers, healed the sick, and He got His hands dirty doing so. He set the standard, our neighbors are everyone and they are everywhere. You’re not going to be, nor do you have to be, besties with everyone, people rejected Him, they will reject you too, but you are to treat everyone with respect, kindness, and love regardless! Bostonian have a tendency, when someone says something derogatory about them, to quickly counter with “you are.” I think a good ready response to have the next time someone asks, who is your neighbor, would be a quick “You Are!”