When you speak, do people listen intently or do they have a blank yada yada yada look on their face? When Jesus spoke people listened. When the temple guard reported back to the Pharisees, they told them they had never heard anyone speak like Him before. When He taught the crowds, He spoke as one with authority not as an itinerant carpenter. When He walked among the hurting people, He spoke and touched them with love, and as John wrote, “through Jesus came grace and truth.” Authority, love, and truth… as in all things, Jesus’ example is the one to follow. You want people to listen to you? Know what you are talking about. Speak with knowledge and confidence in that knowledge. Speak with love and back up those loving words with loving actions. Telling someone Jesus loves them is great. Showing them Jesus’ love is much greater. Speak the truth, with love. Truth can be hard to take, yet truth is truth, but you don’t have to beat people over the head with it. Jesus reiterated He was telling the truth many times. Course He did have an edge seeing He was the way, the truth, and the life. So, speak with authority, love, and truth and watch those yada yada looks go away.