It’s amazing how many worlds there are within the world. Like there is the world of sports, the world of art, literature, education, music, acting, the world of boating, sailing, fishing, cars, racing, motorcycles, and on and on. These are all worthy pursuits but they can become all consuming. After spending however much time in your world, how much time do you give to God’s world? Whose world always gets first priority? Do you only pass through on Sundays or do you make yourself available? If you have given your life to Jesus, you are a part of His church. His church, the body of Christ. is God’s vehicle on earth and He wants you on board. Whether you’re a finger, a toe, or an eye, you are an important part of the body. We need to be a part of other worlds so we can be a witness for the Lord, but don’t get so consumed in your world that you don’t have any time for His! We are to love God and serve God, and love others and serve others and that begins at the household of Christ!