Walk and Derby…


The Missions Committee would like to invite you to join with our team of walkers The Capri Crusaders on Saturday, November 8th to support the Pregnancy Resource Center of Southwest Florida.  To register go to PRC and join our team Capri Crusaders at the Capri Christian Church.  All the information is on their website.  If you need more information or would to talk to a missions committee member about this…see Donna Condee.



DAY 5 at VBS…


Tonight was our last night of Vacation Bible School Summer XP and it was FANTASTIC!!!  There are so many great things that happened this week and we are excited to see what God does with the seeds that have been planted.  We hope to see all those new faces come back this Sunday and to our Midway program.  Also, we look forward to having all the moms and dads of these wonderful kids with us on Sunday mornings.  Consider this your personal invitation to be our guest on Sunday morning.  Thanks to Pastor Tim our Summer Intern Wes for directing us in a great week of Vacation Bible School.


Day 4 of VBS…


Once again we had an awesome night of fun and learning at Vacation Bible School Summer XP.  The kids are having a blast and the teachers are just awesome!  It’s hard to believe that we only have one more night of Summer XP – but we’re just getting started.  This is just the beginning of great things that are taking place in the children’s ministry here at Capri!

DAY 3 at VBS…


It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through Vacation Bible School.  The kids are having a great time and the volunteers have really done a great job in ‘turning it up’.  Tonight the kids learned that God wants everyone to know that He was/is the only the way the world could be rescued. Looking forward to another great time at Vacation Bible School tomorrow.


Day 2 at VBS…


Another great night of Vacation Bible School Summer XP. These kids are awesome!!!  Last night they learned about God’s creation and how sin entered the world.  Tonight they learned about God’s promise to Abraham and His promise to always love us.  Matthew 5:16 was our memory verse “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

DAY 1 at VBS…


WOW!  What a great time last night was at Day 1 of Vacation Bible School (Summer XP).  The theme is ‘turn it up’ and the kids and volunteers did just that!  Here are some pics from last night.  We hope that you’ll join us again tonight at 6pm and bring a friend.  We need everyone to help get the word out and lets get some more awesome kids here to join in on the fun and learning!!!


Here are some ‘tweets’ about our Summer XP

Vacation Bible School Volunteers…


Pastor Tim had a great group of volunteers attend the planning meeting this past Sunday for Summer XP – the creative Vacation Bible School experience!  We are looking forward to the opportunity off seeing lots of kids come out to this program July 21st -25th each evening at 6pm.  If you have kids or or grand-kids, or have neighbor kids who are nursery – 5th be sure and get them here for this VBS!  How many kids or parents have you told about this program?

Proud to be An American…

PatrioticServiceCCC2014 012

We had a great Patriotic Service yesterday at Capri.  The auditorium was beautiful with the flags hanging from the wall, and in the windows, and all the banners.  It was very moving to see so many of you waving the flags and singing out the songs that remind how blessed we are to live in a country where we are free.  God has certainly blessed us as Americans.  During our service our hearts were flooded with emotions as we listened to the words of songs and watch videos that reminded us of the sacrifice of many who fought for this nation and our freedom.  We were reminded that the church is the conscience of this nation and that judgement is coming.  More importantly, we acknowledged that it is God who has given us the ultimate freedom from sin and has blessed us as a nation – it’s still the cross that cleanses sin and sets the captive free.

Allow me a moment to say a great big thank you to our praise team – Dreama Ayers, Frank Laferrara, Ron Wooten, Mary Husted, KC Douglas, Genifer Tower, and Patty Douglas.   These singers put many months and hours into learning these songs and attending all of the practices.  Yesterday I truly felt like they sang from the heart and believed in what they sang.  Also, our audio/visual team did an outstanding job with the computer & visuals, the sound, and the recording.  Thank you Alex Richett (computer), Tim Irving (sound), and George Douglas (video).  Finally, thanks goes to you who came and worshiped with us at this service.  Your participation and energy was inspiring as we celebrated freedom, honored those who serve(d) in the military, and asked God’s continued blessing over our nation.

I want to remind you of some pretty powerful words we heard yesterday in one of the narrations during the service…

“But there’s a remnant of believers across this nation, who still believe that God can rescue and God can still save and that righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people (Provers 13:34).  We can no longer sit around and complain about our political leaders.  We must rise up and sound the alarm!  From the church house to the White House, it’s time to cry out to God on behalf of our nation and to ask Him to forgive us and to cleanse us and to heal our land.

God can heal the soul of our nation.  He can still change the hearts of mean and women; there is hope for our children.  With mercy and love, He calls out to us, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  (2 Corinthians 7:14)

Photos submitted by Ann Hall...

Freedom Celebration…

land of the free_t_nv

Join us this Sunday, June 29th for our Freedom Celebration service at both worship hours.  We are proud to be citizens of these United States of America.  It truly is an exceptional nation; a country that has been abundantly and richly blessed.  We are proud to be called Americans!  We are even more proud to be called Christians.  For we believe that true freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity come from God!  It’s time to cry out to God on behalf of our nation and ask Him to forgive us and to cleanse us and to continue to make America a great nation that we are proud to be a part of.  If you served or currently serve in the military we want to invite you to be with us as we will be honoring those men and who serve to protect our freedom.  Sunday, June 29th during the worship services (9am & 11L15am)

Patriotic Church

Summer XP 2014

Turn It Up COLOR

We are in need of some volunteers for our first annual Summer XP (July 21-25) from 6pm to 8pm. Summer XP is a week long outreach program for kindergarten-5th grade students, this is a tremendous event to help our children’s ministries grow and gain exposure in our community. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses this event to bring more kids closer to him this summer. If you cannot volunteer by working for the week you can help us by inviting all the kids you know!


Turn It Up COLOR