By Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Do you worship idols or worship idly? Now, we’re not necessarily talking about dancing around a golden calf naked in the moonlight, but we could be. What about coming to church every Sunday, half asleep, thinking about the woes of the week or the big game later on in the day? While Israel followed their evil kings and continually left the worship of God for demonic idols, all idols don’t have to be so obviously demonic. Whatever you give the most time, honor, or esteem more than God is an idol. Is that golf game or fishing trip Sunday morning more important then coming to worship? Is that promotion that causes you to work non-stop all weekend the top priority in your life? God loves us but often warns that He is a jealous God. He wants to be our first priority not a promotion. There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of happiness and providing well for your family, only keep your priority list straight; God, family, church, everything else. Show Him He is most important to you. In all you do, do it unto Him. Whatever you do, do for His glory. Plan, the night before, to be rested to come to church alert and on time, eager to sing His praises. Treat your family with the love and understanding that He shows you. Do your work without grumbling, to your best ability, as unto Him. Don’t worship idols! Don’t idly worship! Worship God!