By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when Jesus called out, “Lazarus come forth,” and he did! After being in the tomb for four days, wrapped in grave clothes, Lazarus staggers out, all the mourners letting out a collective gasp, must have been quite a sight. I love the King James version of what Martha’s first reaction was when Jesus told them to roll away the stone. “Lord, by now he must stinketh.” I can’t help but see Jesus chuckle to Himself. He knew Martha, Mary, and Lazarus He knew their devotion to Him, their love of God, their want to do His will. He knew Martha’s desire to serve and Mary’s desire to learn. Mary was the one who anointed Him with costly oil and wiped His feet with her hair. He felt their grief as they mourned the loss of their brother as the Jews witnessed, “Jesus wept.” He knew them, they knew Him, they had a close relationship … and so does He want that with you! Not an hour a week Sunday morning relationship but a daily constant relationship! Spending time in His Word, in prayer, in sharing your concerns, your troubles, your joys. How and why do people go to church to worship someone they don’t really know? Pastor Steve shared a great point in our study of Hosea in Sunday School. Worship doesn’t lead to a relationship with God but a relationship with God will lead to worship! Time to get serious with God! He wants you to know Him as He knows you and you don’t have to wait for the weekend to start! He is available right now!