By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Running through life can take its toll, leave us with cuts and bruises, scars. Our parents tried to protect us, but cuts and bruises still happened. When we look back, if we had been a little more obedient, life would have been much easier for both parent and child. So too it is with God. Life is so much easier when we obey Him. How many times did Jesus say, “If you love Me, keep My commandments?” He wants our obedience to show our love for Him but also to save us from cuts and bruises, scars. He’s not a cosmic killjoy who doesn’t want us to have fun, He is a loving Father who wants to prevent us from leaving scars, on ourselves and others. While we are forgiven from any misdeeds we may have done, forgiveness doesn’t remove old scars. He wants to be close to us, to be there when we stumble, to keep us from falling, but like in any relationship, for Him to be close to us, we must be close to Him, obeying His Word, spending time in His Word and prayer. While He would like us to be holy as He is holy, for most of us that is a struggle, but it doesn’t mean we don’t try! David’s cry in Psalm 51 is one we all should echo often. “Create in me a clean heart oh Lord.” Show Him your love, obediently keep His commandments, and He will be there helping to prevent you from creating any new scars!